Jim Estill

Time Leadership eBook

“Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.” -Peter F. Drucker

This 77-page eBook will give you the necessary tools to master not only efficiency skills, but also effectiveness skills.

One of the reasons that time management is not enough is because time is not about quantity. Time is about quality.

Take a moment to think about your highly productive hours or days over the last year. You probably accomplished more in those short periods of time than over weeks or even months of less productive work. The key to time leadership is to maximize your number of quality hours. Leadership allows you to establish your priorities.

This ebook covers a variety of topics to help you achieve your goals through Time Leadership. We will explore keeping a workbook as a tool to stay on task, to help you track your goals and your accomplishments. We will look at how to set goals that are SMART. We will analyze your current time usage and see what can be improved.

Furthermore, I will share with you my complete organizational system, made up of many aspects that you can choose to adopt and adapt as you see fit.

Length: 77 pages.

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